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Alpha Wolf
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We're looking for new members to join and help us bring new life, energy and ideas back into our guild.

The Wolf Guard will be eight years old this August, during our time we have had many successful campaigns in Azeroth and earned a reputation for being a friendly, helpful guild. Recent decline in player numbers has meant that we are currently without an officer core, raid team or events manager.

YOU could change that!

By joining our guild and seeing us through the quiet times, you'll help the guild to grow and become strong again. You'll have the opportunity to help shape the guild into something you can be proud of AND become a place that you can call home.

If you're up for a challenge, are an experienced player who enjoys sharing your knowledge with others and the type of person who's not afraid of putting in a little hard work, then this could be the guild for you.

APPLY NOW! and make history with The Wolf Guard at your side.

Rokhan Skullmauler
Chief of Clan Skullmauler
Founder of The Wolf Guard

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